I was invited to visit the dormitory where several of my students lived. With most of the university students living on campus, they have a large complex of buildings to house them all. The students were grouped by year and major making all the 2nd year International Education Art Major students living on the same floor. The dorm rooms house 6 students each. Each student has a loft bed with desk and dresser underneath. A double sink, shower, and toilet are at the far end of the room. Due to undrinkable water conditions, every student carries hot water from the dining hall in a brightly colored thermos to their room. Dropping them off to be refilled at the water station, we would see flocks of the thermoses waiting to be picked up.

1. The water filling station. Here the thermoses are organized, but all over campus they are found in groups on doorsteps, ping pong tables, and by trees, waiting to be taken, refilled, and carried home again.

2. Three of my art students;Ya Nan, Juan Juan, and Yun Kai, show me their dormitory room.

3. Students carry their water thermos back to their dormitory.


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