After a week and a half, I was finally able to get into a practice room to sing. You
might think I could just use the room where my singing classes are, however, a
room monitor (one of the students) keeps the key and locks the room. I suspect
the room is kept locked because there is speaker and amplifier equipment. I sang
for about 45 minutes when a knock at the door came. A young singer, who turned
out to be a singing major, asked if I'd sing for her. I kept singing through my
recital repertoire. Within 10 minutes the room was full of curious young
musicians. I had never seen so many practice rooms full of students practicing.
Most of them seemed really young in their musical level. I asked a couple of
them to sing for me and that was clearly the case. As I left my room, one of the
girls who had been listening to me was warming up in her room with vocal
exercises. She motioned me in to her room and asked for my comments on her
singing. Before too long, I was helping her, cautious not to step on her
teacher's toes. Down the hall was a voice teacher warming up 6 girls at once.
Perhaps it was a voice class. I didn't feel it was appropriate to interrupt. A
fascinating day!


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