Here’s how it works. If you want to visit a larger city to see something you’ve always heard about, you need three things. One; a translator to speak to the locals on your behalf for whatever inconvenience you may be unknowingly causing. Two; a way to get where you want to go. Three; a ready supply of cash for when the technology fails to recognize your credit card. 

With that in mind, Doug and I are taking Yue, the translator, for an adventure in Xian, the closest major city. Our main goal for the trip is to see the Terra Cotta Warriors. If you know nothing about them, they are easily found on Google! Having been buried until the mid 70’s, this vast army of soldiers made out of terra cotta, stands in ready formation to
protect their buried leader in his afterlife. This historical site is very popular in China, has been preserved and made an exquisite tourist destination. 

Getting to Xian, however, is a challenge in itself. We chose the express train which will only take 3 hours instead of 8 on the regular train. Having no classes schedule for Friday afternoons, allows us to leave for an early weekend. Beside the warriors, we will visit the historical Bell and Drum Towers, the Duck Pagoda and of course shopping and

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05/27/2013 7:01pm

What an amazing opportunity! I am so envious.


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