We made it across the pond and through the first day of classes. After our morning session, three of our new students helped us find our way through the campus canteen (cafeteria) system. The Xuchang University graciously has provided us with meal cards for our meals. As you can see in the photo, the canteen displays the entire menu in Chinese characters on boards above each food station. Without pictures to guide us we were grateful for the girls' help in guiding us to the noodle side of the canteen. We were fascinated with the process of ordering and paying for our food as the meal cards didn't require the usual swipe through a card reader. Instead they were just held up to the reader board and automatically deducted from our card balance. In return for the fun of ordering, we got a huge bowl of noodles and eggs for only $1.45 USD.  Our beverages were only 32 cents each which made our grand total of a little over $2. We are just about to partake of the university fare again this evening and hope to keep our record going with tasty dishes!

Both of us consider today a success and are so proud to represent MSU Billings here in Xuchang City!


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