Posing here with one of my prize baritone students. He stayed after class today to have me help him with "If I Loved You" from Carousel. I have really enjoyed working with all of the students. They are really starting to grasp the concept of singing on pitch-together! They have only really sung in Chinese and with characters, not musical staff notes.

My recital is set! It's this Friday night at 7:o0 in the concert hall of the Music & Art building. I have six pianists playing for me. I've never experienced that before but apparently the head piano faculty member was too busy to play my 12 selections and divided them up amongst the other faculty. Sandi Rabas (MSUB's vocal accompanist extrodinaire) is the ultimate professional. If I didn't appreciate her enough before this experience, I REALLY do now!!!! I have had to teach all of the pianists how to accompany. They simple don't have a clue. With grace, I helped them...a fine line to keep. During intermission of my recital, it is Chinese custom to entertain the audience so they don't have to sit around. So two of Xuchang voice faculty members will sing opera arias: a baritone singing "Bella Siccome un angelo" and a soprano singing "Vissi d'arte." The baritone was eager to sing for me today. He did and he has a pleasant voice. Considering how foreign in sounds Italian is to the Chinese singer, his pronunciation wasn't bad at all. They are making a poster of my recital. I will save a copy of it and the program. We have translated all of the texts into Chinese and an interpreter will read the text in Chinese before I sing each selection. The audience will be able to enjoy the music so much more.

Xiaoyi left this afternoon for Xi'an. It was a sad moment to see her go...she is such a professional; represents MSUB and its faculty's interests and well-being very clearly. THANK YOU SO MUCH XIAOYI! She was a big help to me while she was here. Of course I miss Jodi. She was such a great colleague to have here with me. I have tons of fond memories with her.

I had class today and 3 hours of rehearsal for my recital. I'm pooped!


06/04/2013 6:45am

Good luck with the Recital!!


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