The International School of Education is primarily housed in this building. Five stories tall, our classrooms are on the fourth floor and accessed by an outdoor stairway. Judging by the activities in the other classrooms, I think the fourth floor is the fine arts section of the school since I see evidence of studio art activities and hear music happening behind the shut doors. During some of my free afternoons, I can be found in the classroom painting, although very little work gets accomplished when first year students wander in and begin the parade of questions. They want to know where we are from, if we are the foreign teachers they heard about and why aren't we teaching them? The desire to have a foreign teacher means that their English will improve. I realized how rare of an opportunity it is for them when I met the only two foreign teachers on staff today. With only two native English speakers for the whole school, it is impossible to have one on one attention with each student. The students definitely take advantage of having more native English speakers around and are eager to talk with us.

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